Bloody Valentine Blog Hop

Isobel made her way through customs; it was slow today but knowing she soon would be in Adam’s bed made it all easily bearable.

As she came through baggage and out the doors, she thought about her shopping trip and the underwear she would buy for Adam to remove. As she looked around for the best route to a taxi stand, she was surprised to see her husband standing there.

He hadn’t called or texted whilst she was away and she didn’t expect him to be meeting her. Trying not to look worried, she smiled walking up to him, kissing his check, as he liked her to do in public.

He didn’t look in a good mood, but then he never did these days, always far too preoccupied with his work. She wished she knew what he was really like when she first met him; she certainly wouldn’t have married him and probably wouldn’t have gone out to dinner with him on that first date. But had she taken that course, she would never have met Adam, a man she knew she loved and would happily spend the rest of her life with.

Jonathan informed her in his usual authoritarian manner, that he had his car in short term and that they would be going to stay in his London apartment for a few days. This shot a jolt of despair into her; all she could think about was getting back to Adam, assuming that her husband would be staying alone in London, as he always did.

The drive into London was done in silence; she knew something was wrong, thinking that he couldn’t know about Adam, nobody knew except her mother knew, whose blessing she knew she had.

Once in the apartment she noticed suitcases everywhere, her suitcases, on closer examination she saw that they were full of her clothes. In fact it seemed that almost all her clothes were there. She looked at Jonathan as if to ask what was going on. He turned to her and said

“Do you really think I’m that stupid, I know all about him, I have received every text he has sent you whilst you’ve been in Cuba.”

Isobel replied angrily “But, how can you know that? You don’t have my phone”

“I don’t need your phone, what do you think I do that pays for all this and everything else I give you?” waving his hand around the apartment, he continued.

”If I can read every one of the Prime Ministers texts, listen to his calls and read his e-mails, don’t you think I can just as easily do the same to you. We will be staying in London for the foreseeable future and I have closed down the house in Plymouth”

Isobel didn’t know what to do or say; all she could do was burst into tears. To which her husband sneered, telling her to get into the bedroom have a shower and get dressed as they were going out to dinner, pointing toward a door off the hallway.

“And before you can text him” he said “give me your phone”

She had no choice but to comply with his demands


She spent that day in bed thinking about what she could do; only venturing out to the kitchen to make some coffee, when she heard Jonathan go out. He had her passport, her purse with her credit cards in it and whilst briefly venturing out of her bedroom she noticed that there seemed to be no keys to the door. The door was locked with a mortise bolt preventing her from leaving, even if she knew where to go.

She thought Adam loved her, he would be expecting her today but how would she get down to Plymouth with no money and what would he think when she didn’t arrive. She couldn’t ring him as his number as with all her contacts were on her mobile, which Jonathan now had. There was also no landline at the apartment, no computer only a wireless system which Jonathan used for his laptop.

A slamming of the front door stopped her musing; she could hear footsteps which suddenly stopped outside her bedroom door. As she looked up she saw the door handle turning and a felt the dread start to crawl up her belly.

Jonathan now in a better mood, having decided how he was going to destroy Adam’s life for sleeping with his wife, had now decided it was time she really knew who was boss. Upon entering the bedroom he looked at Isobel sitting on the bed and wearing only a large baggy tee shirt. As he walked toward her he started to remove his jacket, then he unbutton his shirt.

As Isobel realized his intent, she began to tell him that she didn’t want to and was not feeling well, but before three words come out of her mouth, he said.

“You will do what I say, when I say and do exactly what I say, do you understand, now get that thing off and come here”

She understand all too well what he wanted her to do and is not about to do so willingly. She tried to crawl across the bed but he quickly grabbed an ankle and pulled her toward him. He   a big man, not fit and muscled like Adam but tall and fat, but he was much stronger than Isobel.

With little difficultly he dragged her to the edge of the bed face down, whilst she kicked and screamed at him. With one hand pushing all his weight into the middle of Isobel’s back, he used the other hand to unbuckle his trousers. Moving forward and kneeling on the bed he pushed Isobel’s thighs apart with his knees, punching her hard across the back and shoulders as she tried to resist.

His punches quickly knocked the wind out of her. All his weight pinned her down, she realized that she couldn’t stop him but still continued to struggle as much as she could, as Jonathan forced himself inside her.

Knowing that it useless to continue to fight, Isobel tried to force better images into her mind, to deflect to the act of violence that was happening to her. She thought back to the last time she made love to Adam. He had started kissing her on the mouth and worked his way down her body covering every inch of her skin in kisses. Stopping to suck and lick the more sensitive parts as he worked his way down her torso, then down her legs.

At her feet, he sucked each of her toes as she watched him, her back arching in pleasure. He then gently reached up to her hips and turned her over, working his way back up her legs, then gently biting her bum. Sliding his fingers inside her he soon brought forth her second organism; then raised her hips and slid inside her. Holding her by the hips, Adam lifted her until her knees came off the bed; he pushed deep into her, eliciting moans of pleasure.

But this wasn’t Adam making love to her, it was her husband raping her, making her not only experience considerable pain but making her feel ashamed and dirty. Fortunately it didn’t last long after a minute or two, Jonathan got off her and quickly left the bedroom, leaving her in tears as he closed the bedroom door.

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