Why I am an Experienced Ghost Writer By Karen Cole

I have worked as a professional freelance ghost writer since 1980 and before then, but mostly I have worked as a ghost writer since January of 2003, when I began working through the Internet. So I have a lot of experience, but especially as a ghost writer. This was however not what I originally intended. In the beginning, I just wanted to be a copy editor, not a regular writer. When I had written for magazines and newspapers, I had done all right, but liked editing people’s work more than I liked writing from my own original ideas. So I first set up my shingle as an editor of other people’s copy.
This however morphed shortly into my ghost writing for people. Most of my copy editing clients needed rewriting work done on their copy, so even though I preferred and only took editing jobs, I was stuck rewriting and thus ghost writing copy on a regular basis. In some cases what had appeared to be mere copy editing jobs were strict ghost writing ones, where I had to do ample background research and writing from scratch in order to fully appease my clients.
This led me to a widely varied career. I have worked on manuscripts about every subject imaginable, helping clients create both their books and screenplays and also being a “second set of eyes” when needed in order to prepare my clients’ work for review by literary agents and publishers. When I started out, my first idea was to specialize in copy editing people’s work for publication. But like I said, in many cases the work entailed so much rewriting, I wasn’t just an editor for it any more.
So I became a ghost writer, after having done ghost writing since before 1980 anyway. It’s not hard work for me, as I am highly proficient at writing and editing in English. I have scored as a creative writing genius on more than one test, and was passed through an English class in creative writing in college. They said I didn’t have to take the initial class and only had to pay for the credits. So I am an experienced ghost writer of nearly three decades standing, and I love both editing and writing copy for people. It’s a living, and also I can set my own hours, be my own boss, and don’t have to come up with my own ideas – in most cases, anyway.
AUTHOR’S RESOURCE BOX: I am Karen Cole, President of Ghost Writer, Inc. We have worked on the WWW since 2003 helping our author clients with ghost writing, editing, marketing and promoting their books and screenplays. I have worked on some 250+ books and other works myself, and I send work out on a regular basis to our team of over 100 writers and other artists in the writing field.
Website: http://www.rainbowriting.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ghostwriterwriting
Twitter: http://twitter.com/karencole37
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/karencole37ghostwriter62929-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Hand-Writing-With-A-Feather-Quill-Near-A-Bottle-Of-Ink


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