The Leveson Inquiry – Who guards the guardians? Nobody.

Well it’s out. The long awaited 2000 page report from Lord Justice Leveson is finally here but will it make a halfpenny’s worth of difference?

The actions of newspapers like News of the World are disgusting. They have wreaked havoc on lives of law abiding people and assisted in the destruction of what was left of the McCann’s and the Dowler’s; who I’m sure are going to feel betrayed by Cameron.

Comments have been made, the likes of “Is this end of the free press” but is there such a thing? They all have an agenda, be that political, corporate or the owners and whatever recommendations Lord Justice Leveson makes will be just that, recommendations. Unenforced by Cameron and his cronies.

But seriously folks what difference will this inquiry that has cost millions actually make, in my opinion, none at all. Sure recommendations will be made that the politicians will lauder as a ground breaking solution. They will ensure those that suit their own agendas are adopted and those that aren’t will be deemed unnecessary.

Jeremy Hunt also appears to have got away with kissing Murdoch’s arse. And apparently police collusion and corruption is not an important issue and does not need to be investigated. Of course Cameron will get his way and the press will continue to self regulate and nothing will have changed. No outsider involvement in any self regulation that perhaps on a very slim chance maybe made.

Lord Leveson stated that the existing structure doesn’t come close to providing adequate coverage but that appears to be ignored, which has ripped the heart of the report. And of course there is no means to enforce compliance from newspapers that disagree, under the pressure for their media baron’s owners and refuse to comply.

To conclude, when Cameron’s stance is supported by idiots such as Kelvin MacKensie former editor of the Sun, who admits he didn’t check the authenticity of any story in the 14 years he was there, it really says it all.

A Plague of Dissent


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