Jobs and the Economy

I response to my friend Lord David Prosser and thanks for your comments.

Whilst I agree that we need to cut our expenditure as a country, trying to accomplish that the way the Conservatives are attempting to at the moment is only going to lead us deeper into the depression we are already in. You are in Wales are you not, what is the unemployment rate in Cardiff and Swansea, pretty high huh!

How many of those can afford to buy goods that will increase the country’s output and put us the right side of the balance sheet. I know quite a few locally that are dreading the winter ahead as they simply don’t have the money to turn on the heating and if this is to be the cold winter that is expected, then one can only but guess as to the result.

I am of the opinion that a large number of cost reductions can be accomplished by streamlining the way government works particularly that of central government. Which I think many will agree is far too bloated, as well as harbouring a great deal of corruption. Huge saving could be made thereby reducing the country’s borrowing.

Here’s another example; let’s look at Quantitative Easing (QE) so far over the past few years 375 billion has been injected into the economy but where has it gone? Basically into the banks where it has remained in their coffers, maybe elevating their asset prices but are certainly not spurring investments, as it is supposed to do. Would it not be far more effective to use some of this huge amount of money to both stimulate the economy and to stimulate what we used to be very good at, inventiveness.

If 12.5 % of this QE sum was spent on installing Solar Panels on the approx’ 10 million homes in the UK that are suitable for such installations. The result would approx’ 50 billion put directly into the manufacturing economy of the UK and 10% of the total electrical generation requirement of the UK would be generated by this.

Should another 50 Billion be directed toward renewable energy and sustainability research establishments in universities around the UK, we might actually find ourselves ahead of the game. The UK used to lead the world at research and development and had done so for a hundred years or more, at present we certainly are not. Should the predications being made at present about the result of the fees that universities are now charging be correct, we soon be losing at great deal of the UK’s talent pool to European establishments e.g. Holland where no such exorbitant fees are charged.

How many jobs would this create tens of thousands at least perhaps more and 100 billion put directly into the economy, not into the assets of the bankers and the select few corporations.

Just a few thoughts!


One thought on “Jobs and the Economy

  1. You won’t hear a single argument from me on this. It’s well thought out yet again.
    One mistake I’d like to have seen corrected was to have the tax money used to bolster the banks returned in full and reinvested in education which seems to be getting a hammering these days. It’s almost as though both here and in the US they want an uneducated mass for the menial tasks in life.If our share in a bank is greater than the private investment, then no more bonuses until they’re in the black and certainly none for Directors who have not performed well.
    You already know I’m anti EU in the form it’s currently taking and is making Britain out to be third world. I want to go back to being trading partners and pull back all the money we currently send over there. Full law making powers back here and abolition of the more ridiculous elements of the Human Rights Act brought in by the Votes for convicted criminals.
    We need immigration, but not at the expense of the benefits and National Health Service. So, immigrants should be self supporting for the first 3 years at least and the Health Service should be covered by Travel Insurance as it is when we fall ill in other Countries. Let’s educate the young again and the export the inventiveness we’re known for until we become a Country admired and looked up to by others.

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