Obama did it again!!

So Obama did it again and I’m glad he did. Personally, I far prefer his policies particularly those of social reform to that of Mit Romney’s but there are times when I ask myself how much difference is there really between politicians and political parties.
Being not so familiar with US politics, I will cite examples in the UK. If we look at the leaders of both of the major parties over the last few years, all have been the product of public schools, different schools perhaps but the same values. Firstly, it’s glaring obvious all of them, no matter what the party with few exceptions, will say exactly what is required of them to gain your vote.
But more pointedly a classic example of how similar the parties are these days is the present depression we find ourselves in these days. I think most will agree that it was the banker crisis of 2008 that pushed the UK and many other countries into this recession but what caused this?
The answer to that question, are the fiscal policies of both parties. In the mid nineties Margaret Thatcher began eroding policies that were put in place after the Wall Street Crash of the 1920’s. These policies were emplaced to prevent banks both performing retail and investment banking, a very precarious situation, as they had in the 20’s and which had essentially caused the Wall Street Crash.
When Labour came into power a few years later, they continued to erode these policies purely because it was making the bankers and in their opinion, therefore the country, a great deal of money, no matter what the risk. We all know what happened and we are all suffering the consequences because of this. So the proposition; is there any difference between the parties as it all comes down to money at the end of the day?
I’ve used this scenario in my latest book “A Plague of Dissent” as the source of the riots and civil unrest that are the backdrop to the story.


One thought on “Obama did it again!!

  1. Hi Nic. A great first post. I know nothing of the U.S. politics but I did like Obama’s policies when he first came on the scene.I thought it strange that they aroused so much hate from his opponents, when they seemed to aim at improving the lot of most of them.
    I won’t argue over your decision to blend the political leaders of the UK together and often their policies. I have to say though that in my mind Labour are far more to blame for our disaster because they seemed to have a borrowing policy that meant an increase of taxation to pay it back. At least the Con’s ( I’m using that word purposely) are less profligate and usually try to ease the tax burden. Having said that, I do wonder if the politicians have forgotten who they work for on all sides.. Since we were promised a referendum on Europe ( supposedly blocked by the Lib Dems) we should have one. The people are supposed to decide what we want and not have it decided for us. I firmly believe an MP should vote the way his constituency want him to and not according to the party policy or the use of the party whip.
    I’m a dissenter. Out of Europe now is what I want before we are no longer a United Kingdom without either money or laws and the Royal family is forced the way of the House of Lords. We need trade agreements which is what we first signed up to, not being dictated to over immigration, laws and other human rights issues.
    Good luck with the blog. I promise to be quiet next time. Best of luck with the book.

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