The Leveson Inquiry – Who guards the guardians? Nobody.

Well it’s out. The long awaited 2000 page report from Lord Justice Leveson is finally here but will it make a halfpenny’s worth of difference?

The actions of newspapers like News of the World are disgusting. They have wreaked havoc on lives of law abiding people and assisted in the destruction of what was left of the McCann’s and the Dowler’s; who I’m sure are going to feel betrayed by Cameron.

Comments have been made, the likes of “Is this end of the free press” but is there such a thing? They all have an agenda, be that political, corporate or the owners and whatever recommendations Lord Justice Leveson makes will be just that, recommendations. Unenforced by Cameron and his cronies.

But seriously folks what difference will this inquiry that has cost millions actually make, in my opinion, none at all. Sure recommendations will be made that the politicians will lauder as a ground breaking solution. They will ensure those that suit their own agendas are adopted and those that aren’t will be deemed unnecessary.

Jeremy Hunt also appears to have got away with kissing Murdoch’s arse. And apparently police collusion and corruption is not an important issue and does not need to be investigated. Of course Cameron will get his way and the press will continue to self regulate and nothing will have changed. No outsider involvement in any self regulation that perhaps on a very slim chance maybe made.

Lord Leveson stated that the existing structure doesn’t come close to providing adequate coverage but that appears to be ignored, which has ripped the heart of the report. And of course there is no means to enforce compliance from newspapers that disagree, under the pressure for their media baron’s owners and refuse to comply.

To conclude, when Cameron’s stance is supported by idiots such as Kelvin MacKensie former editor of the Sun, who admits he didn’t check the authenticity of any story in the 14 years he was there, it really says it all.

A Plague of Dissent

Political Corruption and how rife is it in the UK

Corruption has already been shown to reach to the very top of the British establishment, but the question that is on everybody’s lips is; quite how far and to what extent has it reached?

The expenses scandals have and are still being investigated, with new cases coming to light all the time. The hacking scandal and its investigations are also ongoing and now yet another controversy is getting uncovered.

Now, despite the fact that Mr. Cameron has been desperately trying to cover for his friends and associates, it seems that justice is eventually on the way for Coulson and Brooks. This time not only will they be facing charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, in connection with the phone hacking investigation, but now will face political corruption charges as well.

Operation Elveden, a Scotland Yard investigation into political corruption has been underway for 11 months and so far 52 people have been arrested in connection with this investigation. 21 of those arrested either still or formerly worked for Rupert Murdoch at News International but those arrested also include Metropolitan police officers, MOD staff and prison officials.
Operation Elveden is being run alongside two others: Operation Weeting, which is looking at allegations of phone hacking, and Operation Tuleta, an inquiry into accusations of computer hacking and other privacy breaches.

On Tuesday 20th November, both Andy Coulson, David Cameron’s former spin doctor and Rebecca Brooks, former editor of the Sun Newspaper and close personal friend of Cameron were again charged by the police. They and three others, including Clive Goodman who has already served a prison sentence for his part in the phone hacking scandal, are to be brought before the courts charged with political corruption.

Former News of the World royal correspondent Clive Goodman will be charged, alongside Coulson and Brooks, with two conspiracies relating to the request and authorisation of alleged payments to public officials in exchange for information, including a royal phone directory known as the “Green Book”.

Detective Chief Inspector April Casburn is accused of leaking information to the now-defunct News of the World about the police inquiry into whether to reopen the investigation into phone hacking. In addition a counter-terrorism detective had already been charged and is due to face trial in January.

As yet no politicians have been charged but surely that will soon come, so how many of them are involved? And is the Prime Minister complicit?

He certainly did all he could do to defend both Coulson and Brooks but by his comments yesterday he seems to be in a great hurry to distance himself from the controversy.

My book “A Plague of Dissent” a fictitious story of greed and corruption; where riots and civil unrest are turning the country upside and where media companies hack into personnel communications at will, in search of their next headline. And, where a small group of men are attempting to use the anarchy that is spreading across the country, to further their own agendas.

How close will it come to the real thing?

Jobs and the Economy

I response to my friend Lord David Prosser and thanks for your comments.

Whilst I agree that we need to cut our expenditure as a country, trying to accomplish that the way the Conservatives are attempting to at the moment is only going to lead us deeper into the depression we are already in. You are in Wales are you not, what is the unemployment rate in Cardiff and Swansea, pretty high huh!

How many of those can afford to buy goods that will increase the country’s output and put us the right side of the balance sheet. I know quite a few locally that are dreading the winter ahead as they simply don’t have the money to turn on the heating and if this is to be the cold winter that is expected, then one can only but guess as to the result.

I am of the opinion that a large number of cost reductions can be accomplished by streamlining the way government works particularly that of central government. Which I think many will agree is far too bloated, as well as harbouring a great deal of corruption. Huge saving could be made thereby reducing the country’s borrowing.

Here’s another example; let’s look at Quantitative Easing (QE) so far over the past few years 375 billion has been injected into the economy but where has it gone? Basically into the banks where it has remained in their coffers, maybe elevating their asset prices but are certainly not spurring investments, as it is supposed to do. Would it not be far more effective to use some of this huge amount of money to both stimulate the economy and to stimulate what we used to be very good at, inventiveness.

If 12.5 % of this QE sum was spent on installing Solar Panels on the approx’ 10 million homes in the UK that are suitable for such installations. The result would approx’ 50 billion put directly into the manufacturing economy of the UK and 10% of the total electrical generation requirement of the UK would be generated by this.

Should another 50 Billion be directed toward renewable energy and sustainability research establishments in universities around the UK, we might actually find ourselves ahead of the game. The UK used to lead the world at research and development and had done so for a hundred years or more, at present we certainly are not. Should the predications being made at present about the result of the fees that universities are now charging be correct, we soon be losing at great deal of the UK’s talent pool to European establishments e.g. Holland where no such exorbitant fees are charged.

How many jobs would this create tens of thousands at least perhaps more and 100 billion put directly into the economy, not into the assets of the bankers and the select few corporations.

Just a few thoughts!

Obama did it again!!

So Obama did it again and I’m glad he did. Personally, I far prefer his policies particularly those of social reform to that of Mit Romney’s but there are times when I ask myself how much difference is there really between politicians and political parties.
Being not so familiar with US politics, I will cite examples in the UK. If we look at the leaders of both of the major parties over the last few years, all have been the product of public schools, different schools perhaps but the same values. Firstly, it’s glaring obvious all of them, no matter what the party with few exceptions, will say exactly what is required of them to gain your vote.
But more pointedly a classic example of how similar the parties are these days is the present depression we find ourselves in these days. I think most will agree that it was the banker crisis of 2008 that pushed the UK and many other countries into this recession but what caused this?
The answer to that question, are the fiscal policies of both parties. In the mid nineties Margaret Thatcher began eroding policies that were put in place after the Wall Street Crash of the 1920’s. These policies were emplaced to prevent banks both performing retail and investment banking, a very precarious situation, as they had in the 20’s and which had essentially caused the Wall Street Crash.
When Labour came into power a few years later, they continued to erode these policies purely because it was making the bankers and in their opinion, therefore the country, a great deal of money, no matter what the risk. We all know what happened and we are all suffering the consequences because of this. So the proposition; is there any difference between the parties as it all comes down to money at the end of the day?
I’ve used this scenario in my latest book “A Plague of Dissent” as the source of the riots and civil unrest that are the backdrop to the story.